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(22 Slams) Mac Alunge 2019 Release

(22 Slams) Mac Alunge 2019 Release.jpg

(22 Slams) Mac Alunge 2019 Release.jpg





My mission as a writer/speaker even before becoming a performing artist had always been to inspire my generation, especially the youth, into developing a more confident perspective and narrative of themselves, their nation and their continent. My goal had always been to leave an innovative solution-based entrepreneurial mindset in every young person who comes across my work. I would use Personal Development, Capacity Building and Professional Training to cause youth to explore their leadership capacities, dream and live their dreams and live out loud everything God created them to be. Inspiration and entrepreneurship had been my goal all of my career with my Art and My Organization. I  worked hard to significantly contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goals 1, 8 and 9 for West and Central Africa. Work on Peace, Human Rights Violation, Social Injustice, Gender Inequality or Violent extremism had not crossed my mind even for a second.


At the dusk of 2016, a crisis sparked in the English Section of my nation, Cameroon. It did not begin big with lots of violence, but it sure grew little by little over the years, culminating a lot of concerns with the parties involved. Many will argue that the ‘Anglophone Crisis’ did not start in 2016 but had begun decades ago. It is no surprise that in such a situation, everyone would have a solid opinion, based on their personal knowledge on the issue, experiences and beliefs. As a firsthand victim of the continuous unrest, displacement, violence and chaos, for sure I have my personal opinion on the issue. This article and my art, nonetheless, is neither political nor advocatory of any popularly sided opinion, for that reason, it will describe only what all of humanity and God stand for, which is, ‘Peace and Justice’. Unrest was not popular only in English Cameroon but all-over Central Africa: Far North Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Togo, Gabon and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Thanks to Non-Governmental Peace Activism Coalitions of young people from these different nations, I began to gain insight into Conflict and then a corresponding interest.

I remember first conceiving a thought about addressing these issues in art and writing, then I remember ignoring the thought, because I did not think I could write on any other thing apart from inspiration. I remember a conversation I had with a cousin who just received a phone call that his classmate was shot in the chest in their family house. I remember the expression on his face, the horror and pain. There were nights my mother slept on the floor because she was scared a stray bullet may meet her on her bed. I lost a great friends and classmates in this crisis. The pain of watching youth waste away was excruciating.


My goal for writing and performing ‘Soldier’, is not to narrate a painful African story to the world, but to create a body of art designed to bring a whole new perspective of violent crime to the African victims of violence, fostering a message of love, forgiveness and harmony as the truest freedom that exists. I still believe that every human being is a miracle; probably victimized by painful experience or enslaved by their own lust, but everyone has a seed of good, a seed of love. If we search for it, we will find it.

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