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Being a true master of the art, his audiences appreciate the depth of his writings, his originality and uniqueness of style, the captivating lines, irrevocable flow and plausible rhyme scheme. He has won several National Awards and many term him the best Spoken Word Artist they’ve ever heard


Apart from authoring the book 'How to Start a Business with Little or No Capital', he has recorded the Audio Book for Mbinzenyuy Roderick’s book, ‘The Transformative Power of Thoughts’, and did a documentary entitled ‘7 Most Critically Endangered Animal Species in Cameroon’, for Project Green Video, an Inspire Me production with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).


He is the Creator of ‘Inspire Me Ltd’, the audiovisual content production and publishing enterprise, and the Founder of Strawacademy Africa, the UN Accredited hybrid Organisation / Community of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs, currently in 36 African Countries. He has spoken in several seminars, summits and conferences within Africa.

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Alunge Nnangsope Macaulay Nzie (popularly known as Mac Alunge), born November 4th 1991, is an internationally Recognized Cameroonian Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach, Author, Media Figure and Award-Winning Inspirational Spoken Word Artist. He is the Creator of ‘Inspire Me Ltd’, an audiovisual content production and publishing enterprise, and the Founder & Leader of Strawacademy Africa, an Entrepreneurial hybrid (non-profit +profit) Organization and a UN Accredited Community of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs. He is as well the initiator of AASWA – African Association of Spoken Word Artists, an initiative which spread Strawacademy Africa to currently 36 African Countries. He also initiated the Strawacademy Humanitarian Leadership Network (SAHLN), an ecosystem of African Refugees with a heart for solution-based innovation and community development.  He has performed & spoken in several seminars, summits and conferences within Africa and has successfully launched Strawacademy Organization, inspiring the creation of an ecosystems of startup ventures (profit and non-profit), 7 of which are direct affiliates of Strawacademy. After starting his career in Spoken Word Art in July of 2015, he has written and memorized more than 40 Inspirational Spoken Word pieces (Slams) in English and has performed live before multiple local and national and international audiences. Being a true master of the art, his audiences appreciate the depth of his writings, his originality and uniqueness of style, the captivating lines, irrevocable flow and plausible rhyme scheme.

The Spoken Word Artist Mac Alunge

He has won several National Awards and many term him the best Spoken Word Artist they’ve ever heard. Despite the highly insightful, poetic and provocative nature of his write-ups, what bewilders his audiences the most during his live performances is his incredible ability to memorize large chunks of data and deliver them flawlessly and accurately with lots of passion, energy and aggression. Audiences can’t get enough of this inspirational fire; the veracious sweat and groan in the art, the drive, the sustained zest and power he puts into his performances, leave audiences eternally wanting. He is specialized in writings that address Personal-Development, Self-Discovery, Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Nation Building, Motivation and Spirituality; though recently; he is venturing into other topics like Love, Health and Nature Conservation. Mac uses his writings as a platform to tell the world about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ whom he always refers to as ‘The Why and How behind His Works’. Mac was first inspired by Jon Jorgenson, the American Christian Spoken Word Artist, and fell in love particularly with his Spoken Word piece entitled ‘The Wall’. He watched, memorized and performed this piece in several Christian settings before writing his own pieces. The first Spoken Word piece he ever wrote entitled Destiny, inspired by Dr Myles Monroe’s ‘The Power and Principle of Destiny’ and Tina Campbell’s hit singly ‘Destiny, made him an impressionable name in the hearts of his audience. After more than 200 performances, and self-publishing of over 12 audio and 4 video albums and sales of a few thousand Spoken Word Albums, he has gathered enough stage experience to explore any platform in the world. With the impact made from slams like Destiny, Pain Gain, The Message, Fear Fear, Today, Last Night, Little Valerie, Risk it, I am future, Spotless Highness, Emjay and A Letter from Zion, Mac is referred to as the ‘Father of Inspiration’.

Mac has also made a name in singing & songwriting, his genres include: RnB, hip-hop, soul and gospel; he has recorded 9 tracks and has raised the bar with songs like Zoe and Mirror; music so pure and original that it is the true example of Cameroonians expressing their belief in their identity in Christ, their hope for the future of their nation and the possibility for change. Mac is highly experienced in public speaking and he is usually hired for his media capabilities. He has recorded Audio Books, Video/Audio Documentaries, TV Presentations and Radio Programs. He recorded the Audio Book for Mbinzenyuy Roderick’s book, ‘The Transformative Power of Thoughts’, and did a documentary entitled ‘7 Most Critically Endangered Animal Species in Cameroon’, for Project Green Video, an Inspire Me production with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He has produced close to 200 videos of varied purposes which have made significant appearances on National and International TV, not forgetting his extended stream of audio content making a presence on local & digital radio worldwide. Mac started out with a lot of vision and passion but little or no experience, but after volunteering with 9 different Organizations during his Undergraduate Studies and after, he has culminated 8 years on-ground experience. He went on to pursue his individual Initiatives close to the end of 2014. 2 failed companies, 1 failed business and multiple idea tries and failures later, he has grown through the process inspiring a great number of people (young & old) in his path.

Strawacademy cells and summits are platforms to minister to and mentor several younger entrepreneurs. They have been an undeniably effective platform for Mac to inspire and mentor on a one-to-one basis young people within his community on a weekly basis. Apart from the monthly inspirational journal ‘Inspire Me Magazine’, that Mac self-publishes, Strawacademy is full of many original business principles and insight not academically assimilated or copied from any books but acquired from pure inspiration, revelation and culminated experiential knowledge from Mac Alunge and a number of credible entrepreneurs at a national and global level. These are designed into courses, trainings, articles and just recently, books. From a magazine article to a few academic presentations and now a book + documentary and a movement; Mac Alunge authored the book entitled: ‘How to Start a Business with Little or No Capital’. He is currently working on other editions of the Series for 2019 releases: ‘How to Grow a Business with Little or No Capital’ & ‘How to Expand a Business with Little or No Capital’. Following the release of his Inspirational Spoken Word, he looks forward to releasing ‘Inspire Me Manual’, a package with Spoken Word Lyrics, detailed concept expatiation, coaching tips and practical personal development walk-throughs; what he terms: ‘The Strawinspiration Series’. Mac Alunge Content currently plays on 18 radio stations ‘not live’ within Africa, called the ‘Inspire Me Radio Show’…



As a child, he was so gifted in Storytelling, English Language and Poetry and being a very bright student, he was science inclined all of his academic life. Childhood friends always comment on his movie-narrating abilities and his poems will always feature in the school magazine of Saint Joseph’s College Sasse. He always admits that if his gifts were discovered as a child, he would have acquired his worth earlier than now; a thought which framed the basis of one of the philosophies behind SIMO, an arm of Strawacademy, geared towards helping young people in academic settings and otherwise, discover their gifts early in life. After scoring 28 points and 21 points in the GCE Ordinary and Advanced Levels respectively from BGS (Bilingual Grammar School) Molyko, Buea, he passed the competitive entrance examinations and enrolled into the 7-year-program School of Medicine University of Buea in 2011. Mac received his Divine Call in the place of prayer on July 26th 2014 and left the Medical School after completing the Biomedical Phase with a cumulative GPA of 3.2/4, in pursuit of his higher purpose. Though many describe this decision as the most irrational, he admits that it is evident that it was the best decision he ever made. He described in one interview how he struggled with himself after developing an undeniably overwhelming and intense passion for his current work and losing all interest he had in medicine. He decided to give up and follow his heart. He stated that:

Mac Alunge

The pursuit of a dream entails a process of growth with multiple phases, challenges and failures with different levels of learning. Work at my true passion has been another-type-of-school; not-certificate-oriented but more result-driven, experience inspired with undeniable fulfillment and joy of heart. I feel like I have been to more school in the past 3 years, than I had in 13 years.

He went gone on to take over 38 certified courses online and offline, including certificates of participation in trainings, seminars, conferences and Ministries on knowledge relevant to Spirituality, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Nation Building, Non-Profit and Company Management and other related fields. He admits that most of what he knows he learned unofficially from books, seminars, volunteerism, mentorship and personal experience.

As an undergraduate student, Mac ran a small-scale poultry farm he called ‘Mac’s Chicken’ for four years, but his business crumbled with a wrong expansion business decision. Back in the day, he was the first Level 1 Medical Student in FHS (Faculty of Health Sciences), Buea, to organize preparatory classes to write the entrance examinations into the School of Medicine in 2012. He called this, BIGSEA ACADEMY. It functioned well for the first 3 years and then died off.

By mid-2013, Mac rallied 19 young students from the University of Buea from different departments including Engineering, Geography, Political Science, Law and Management for an initiative he called ‘Project Magic House’, which was geared towards establishing a digital real-estate database to help potential tenants find rooms and apartments easily. It was way too cumbersome for him and his inexperienced unpaid staff and later failed in a few months; however, the experience developed into an advertisement idea using electronic billboards, which the team termed ‘Project Dream TV’. The company was called Strawberry Incorporated, though registered as an affiliate to his Uncle’s company, Pishon Enterprise. It was a fantastic idea, but they had neither the finance nor expertise for a project of such magnitude. After a lot of effort and failures later, the project halted. Strawacademy was never Mac’s initial idea, but the journey itself led him to it, his core strength and purpose. Owing to the fact that Mac did not have the sufficient finances to support his student volunteers, he sent them inspirational quotes on their phones every morning. This went on for about 6 months and even after the project did not work out, the phone inspiration went on and expanded to other people who were not part of the project and the feedback was explosive. After a year, Mac realized he had an archive of close to 10,000 inspirational quotes. He took these to MTN through Yellowdot Cameroon and was able to sign a contract to send it all over Cameroon in English and French. This project was called ‘Inspire Me Telecom’. This later gravitated into a magazine, ‘Inspire Me Magazine’, following by several inspirational summits leading to the birth of Strawacademy. Then all accomplishments with Inspire Me and Strawacademy sprouted in the moment.

At some point, he carried out a musical initiative which was about connecting local artistry to political authorities. After carrying out a census within his home town and significantly improving the awareness of the Delegation of Arts and Culture on the number of underground artists existing within the town, the project halted. He used to sing in a number of choirs growing up including: SJC Choir, WCCF (World Changers Campus Fellowship) Choir, the Kings Night Choir, and now his Church Choir (The Chosen Generation Ministry Choir). He also leads the Media Team of the Ministry and is the Assistant Youth Leader. Between 2010 and 2017, apart from personal initiatives, Mac has volunteered and/or worked with the Muea Health Centre Buea, Saint Luke Orthopaedic Clinic, The Medicz, Proworks Studio, Give Back Cameroon, JCI (Junior Chamber International), Jumpstart Academy Africa, Royalty, Zoe Communications, Go Ahead Africa (GAICAM), Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS) Buea, C-Life Cameroon and Jongo Hub. Many describe him as an ambitious, inspiring and daring young man



Inspire Me Telecom, initially termed ‘Project Motivate Me’, had 13 different types of content, in short text and audio, sent by Yellowdot Cameroon through the Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) throughout the nation, reaching an estimated 2,000,000 Cameroonians. Later, ‘Inspire Me Magazine’ was produced, up to Episode 6, by January 2017, distributing a few thousand copies per Episode.  Then Inspire Me Audio Book was produced, and CD sales were inspiring, followed by ‘Inspire Me Video Book’, then ‘Inspire Me Slam Series’, made up of Audios and Video Spoken Word, then some music, then Inspire Me Documentaries’, then several Pictures from Inspire Me Gallery, then Audio Books and Summit Material. 12 complete Audio Albums and close to 200 videos including slams, inspirational vids, documentaries and music, have been produced. So far, he’s sold an estimated 55,000 Magazines and a few thousand Inspirational Albums. Millions of Africans have been impacted by of his products. This progress is wildly thanks to Zoe communications, the Global Entrepreneurship Corps and Royalty Word

Mac Alunge



  1. GEC-EYE Award 2017

Global Entrepreneurship Corp’s Excellence in Youth Entrepreneurship Award 2017 (January 2018)

  1. Excellence in Art Performance

DAMA Awards – Dream Africa Movie Awards (January 2018)

  1. Inspirational Icon of the Year 2017

Give Back Cameroon (December 2017)

  1. CMTV Video Award for the documentary, ‘7 Most Critically Endangered Animal Species in Cameroon’

Chillen Music TV (November 2017)

  1. Best Spoken Word Artist

King’s Night (September 2017)

  1. Recognition of Excellence in Spoken Word Artistry

Delegation of Arts & Culture, South West Region, Cameroon (September 2017)

  1. Best Spoken Word Video Album – for ‘Inspire Me Video Book Volume 1’

Zoe Communications (August 2017)

  1. Most Devoted Mentor

C-Life Cameroon (August 2017)

  1. Entrepreneurship Coach of the Year 2017

Renewed Mind Leaders (December 2017)

  1. Most Promising Young Entrepreneur

   Give Back Cameroon (December 2015)

  1. Mentorship Award of Excellence

    Jumpstart Academy Africa (August 2015)



Mac Alunge was born, Monday, November 4th 1991 at the Regional Hospital Buea (Room 23), Cameroon Africa, to Mrs Alunge Etoke Comfort (Mathematics Teacher at Secondary and High School) and Late Mr Alunge John Nnang (Former Principal). He is the third of 4 children; his elder brother, Rogers Alunge – Translator and International Relations & Cyber Security Law Expert, sister, Chancelline Alunge – Medical Doctor and younger sister Gayshan – Chartered Management Accountant. He is a Christian young man of the Bakossi tribe from the South West Region of Cameroon, specifically from Nkack-Ninnong, Bangem. He grew up in a Christian home in Buea, where he learned good Christian values. He did his Nursery Education at GNS (Government Nursery School) Buea Station, his Primary Education at PMS (Parents Mountain School) Buea, his Secondary Education at SJC (Saint Joseph’s College) Sasse – Buea and High School at BGS (Bilingual Grammar School) Molyko Buea before entering the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Buea, studying Medicine. He fellowships with the Chosen Generation Ministry, and his Man of God is, Pastor Emmanuel Bate. He is single, plays basketball and loves movies and music. He is a very high-energy individual and leader, though he always appears as a calm, quiet personality.




From Companies like Orange, Guinness, UBA Bank and Tradex to Universities and Corporations like the CDC and the WWF, Mac ALunge has trained high-profile individuals including Ministers and CEO's. He has been hired as a Branding trainer, Corporate Leadership Expert and Corporate Culture / Structure strategist by a few high profile organisations including the UN


For both inspirational/educational and entertainment purposes, Mac Alunge has explored several platforms all over the world and has international recognition and UN Accreditation. He is hailed over Africa for his excellence and professionalism in the Art. He has 8 Video & Audio Spoken Word Albums under his belt and has sold a few thousand copies world-wide.


Mac Alunge is the founder and CEO of Inspire Me Ltd, an audiovisual studio and content production and marketing enterprise... and also the founder and leader of Strawacademy Africa, a hybrid (non-profit and profit) organisation and a UN-Accredited community of mission-driven civil youth leaders, entrepreneurs, businessmen and Activists... present in over 36 African Countries

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