Organization's History

The Not-For-Profit Organization Strawacademy was founded by Mac Alunge in 2016.

Strawacademy has a Spoken Word Art brand name, MA Park, which is as well a Not-For-Profit brand which makes use of Spoken Word Art for Development Purposes. Its vision statement is simply: ‘Healing the world with words’.

Its vision: Fostering the implementation of initiatives in-line with the United Nations SDGs using creative Spoken Word Art; through art content creation (audios, videos, pictures and text), Capacity and Building and Networking of Artists, as well as community engagement (events) for sensitization and advocacy.

Unlike Strawacademy whose mission is the implementation of the SDGs 1, 8 and 9, MA Park cuts across the implementation of all 17 SDGs.

The founder of Strawacademy is a Spoken Word Artist; he created the MA Park brand to establish community relevance for his artistry, different from the organization. MA Park also has a for-profit arm where art is served mainly to make profit.

MA Park will always use the registration and license name of Strawacademy on important documents such as contract forms. MA Park does not exist on its own, it only exists as a brand of Strawacademy.

Depending on the MOU with our funding partners or when our activities are self-funded, Strawacademy may have for-profit models with not-for-profit activities, as long as the model does not impede the goal of the activity; for instance; the sponsorship of our community engagement events by a company.