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Inspire Me Ltd


Trust me, you need us

Do you lead an organization (profit or non-profit)? Do one or more of these worries sound like yours?

“ My Organization is not well-known. We have little or no media presence. At my Organisation, we have neither adequate video, audio, picture nor text content. Our videos have very little viewership, we do not even appear properly on a Google search. I need the local and global population to know what we do, so we can gain an audience, a market and make money. I want to sell my content online both locally and internationally, but I don’t know how.. I wish to produce my own TV or Radio Show or my own publication

I am an artist, a producer, a content producer and neither me, my work nor my Organisation is known; I want my work to be known globally.

I need to get sponsorship for my work. I need someone to create and manage my website. I need someone to create, manage and promote my social media accounts”

Well… worry no more… we have ALL the solutions you need and much more

Inspire Me Ltd is a proud member of

  • The TEDx International Community
  • The Silicon Mountain Ecosystem
  • The Royalty Christian Business Network
  • The YALI Network and also
  • The Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAYE).

Here is the Operations Team for Inspire Me Ltd: Chief Executive Officer – Mac Alunge, Chief Financial Officer – Frida Ngange, Chief Operations Officer – Freddy Fosso, Chief Audio Engineer – Bissai Du Zion, Chief Videographer – Charlie Jego, Translations – Patrick Nsopgu, VP in charge of Animated Movies – Mukah Inspahani, Chief Content Developer – Desmond Atemkeng, Public Relations Officer – Frida Ngange

Company Info:


Strawacademy – Cameroon, Buea – Molyko, Checkpoint, Jongo Hub Building, Ground Floor, Buea, South West Region, 00237

Registration Number: No.645/G.37/D14/VOLII/SAAJP  Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), UNAFCMCX

Contact: (+237) 653 957 382, strawacademyafrica@gmail.com

Here is a rundown of all the services we offer designed in our catalogue structure. This is to help you understand in depth what you desire. To accomplish your goal, you need to work hand-in-glove with Inspire Me. It is not just up to us, your daily collaboration is needed if we must deliver the standard we aspire to keep. You can require one or more of these services. Below the Structure are 4 documents you should download (AFTER GOING THROUGH THIS PAGE TO THE END):

  1. Choose the Service(s) you need
  2. Calculate your own cost
  3. Examine Inspire Me Ltd Legal Requirements
  4. Download and Fill the Contract form

Inspire Me Ltd



Inspire Me Ltd is an inspirational content production and publishing enterprise seeking to help Organizations produce, publish, promote and market their content online and offline. Inspire Me is a company within the UN-Accredited Community of Mission-driven entrepreneurs, Strawacademy Africa.

In just 3 years of our existence, we have produced more than 350 high quality videos for different Organizations and an estimated 2,500+ audios including Documentaries, Music, Adverts, Spoken Word, Shows and audio film. We have our own running TV Program ‘Inspire Me’, Radio Program ‘Inspire Me’ and our award-winning self-published weekly inspirational Publication, Inspire Me Magazine.

We have worked with and served organizations including: the World Wide Fund for Nature, MTN Cameroon, Njorku, PSD Foundation, Emjay Supermarket, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Radio, JUVCOM, The Commonwealth and HIMS (The Higher Institute for Management Studies)

Inspire Me Animation Studios (Strawacademy)
Inspire Me Ltd Logo (Strawacademy Africa)


For Blogs, Websites, YouTube channel, Radio / TV programs

Content Development (Strawacademy)


For your website, blog, YouTube Channel, Radio / TV programs and more, we provide creative content from stories to scripts to media write-ups. We also cover your events and activities audio-visually and with write-ups and deliver all the content to you in time to update your online and on-ground archive


Text, Picture, Audio, Video

Video Content

Music Official Video, Live Performance Edited Video
Lyric Videos, TV Show Episode
Advert, Documentary
Short Movie, Movie
Spoken Word Video, VBlog
Brand Videos, Interviews
Event Coverages, Tutorial Video
Testimonial, Behind the Scenes
Live Streaming, Webinar, Product Review

Animated Movies

Animated Artistic Picture Videos
Sketch Animations, 2D Animated Explainer Videos
2D Cartoon Animation, 3D Animated Explainer Video
3D Cartoon Animation, Non-Animated Explainer Videos

Inspire Me Ltd Content Production (Strawacademy)





Audio Production

Inspire Me Ltd (Audio Production)- Strawacademy

Written Content

Inspire Me Ltd (Written Content)- Strawacademy Africa

Your Own Branded Inspirational Picture Design like below (Mac Alunge - Strawacademy)

Mac Alunge Quotes

Translation - 7 Languages & 4 Levels: (i) Text Translation (ii) Voice Translation (iii) Subtitling & (iv) Video Translation

Inspire Me Ltd (Translations)- Strawacademy



Mobile Content Production

Supply of Educative, Interactive, Provocative, News, Inspiring or Entertainment Text / Audio Content of Varied forms (31 Categories). We provide this content to mobile content distributors.


1 million people + (for Week 1)

Inspire Me Ltd - Content Publishing (Strawacademy)

Radio Publishing

TV Publishing

Inspire Me Ltd has a network of local, national and international TV Stations. We have a list of 21 Local TV Stations and 6 National Stations (CRTV, STV, Canal 2, Equinox, LTM and Vision 4) that can ensure your work gets well-known within Cameroon. Inspire Me Ltd also has links with 27 International TV Stations within and without Africa including: Trace Africa, My TV Africa, the MNet Channels, Africa Magic, Vision 4 amongst others. We are currently pursuing a deal with DSTV. However, these platforms all have different points of focus, different entry points and different contract terms. Some happen to be very competitive or expensive to broadcast content. Depending on your terms, we will relay contract to you.

Based on your content type, we can suggest platforms that will best suite but your content must meet international standard for the platforms you aspire for. Also, Inspire Me Ltd will suggest your content to these platforms but cannot guarantee that it will be approved and when.

Inspire Me Ltd - TV Publishing (Strawacademy)
Inspire Me Ltd - Print Publishing (Strawacademy)
Inspire Me Ltd - Social Media Publishing (Strawacademy)


Inspire Me Ltd - Web Building & other services


We sell your Content for you

This involves paid forms of promotion and  platforms for selling your digital product

Inspire Me Ltd - Content Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - Instagram Marketing

Media Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - Media Marketing

Google Ads

Inspire Me Ltd - Content Packaging

Facebook Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - Twitter Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - YouTube Marketing

Online Sales

Inspire Me Ltd - Online Sales Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Inspire Me Ltd - Social Media Marketing

We will have a proposed list of TV and Radio Stations Available for your promotion in the ‘Inspire Me Service Selection Document’

On-ground Sales

We highly recommend focusing on sales during events and we help in getting having particular sales sites

Strawacademy's National Bloggers' Conference

Public Relations

We handle all of your PR

Inspire Me Ltd - PR Services
Inspire Me Ltd - PR - Businesses

Partnership and Sponsorship Purposes
We propose and connect, we do not hustle deals for our clients

Inspire Me Ltd - PR - Educational Institutions

We believe one of the best ways to scale your work is partnering with schools and institutions of Learning or organizations working in schools. We suggest and help our clients get valuable partnerships

Inspire Me Ltd - PR - Government

We look through a list of Ministries and other Governmental bodies see the ones that reflect what your Organization is into. We help draft a file and leave at the Ministry, so that the state is aware of what you do and the progress you are making. We encourage our clients to get the state involved in what they are doing partly because funders will usually go for Organizations with links to the state. We connect your Organization to Governments in all 36 Strawcountries

Inspire Me Ltd - PR - International Community

Partnership and Sponsorship Purposes
We propose and connect to Scholarships and networks, we do not hustle deals for our clients. We do not help clients apply for or get grants

Inspire Me Ltd - PR - Other Organisations

We introduce clients into a network of local Organizations they can partner with and connect them to various entrepreneurial ecosystems within Africa



Inspire Me Ltd - Events and Tours

We help our clients in Organizing their promotional events and campaigns during the period they are at work with us.We recommend at least one major event during our time of promotion.



Depending on the task, Inspire Me Ltd works with her clients in 4 time-lengths

Inspire Me Ltd - Length of Client Work-Time



Inspire Me Ltd - Marketing Focus

Please proceed to select your services by filling the Google Form on the link below...

Inspire Me Ltd - Web Design