Our Core Values.

As a UN accredited organization we adopt the United Nations principles of Integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity and nature among others.
We respect the law of every country we operate in and remain sensitive to the cultural dexterity, remaining careful in our activities especially in conflict zones.

- Act without consideration of personal gain.
- Resist undue political pressure.
- Stand by decisions in the organization’s
- Do not abuse power or authority.
- Take prompt action in cases of unprofessional
or unethical behavior.

Respect for Diversity

- Work effectively with people from all
- Treat all people with dignity and respect.
- Treat men and women equally.
- Show respect for diverse points of view.
- Examine own biases and behaviors.
- Do not discriminate against any individual or


- Show pride in work and achievements.
- Demonstrate professional competence.
- Be conscientious and efficient in meeting
- Be motivated by professional rather than
personal concerns.
- Show persistence when faced with challenges.
- Remain calm in stressful

Our Organizational Capacity.

Strawacademy has been able to meet its goals and project demands through exceptional corporate leadership and project management. With qualified and experienced staff, as well as workable based operational systems, Strawacademy delivers timely project outputs with emphasis on credibility, professionalism, effective evaluation and reporting.
Strawacademy has just one head office in Cameroon but it has established through strategic partnerships in offices in 6 different African countries; Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan, Ghana, Kenya.

Our Legal Note.

Strawacademy is a NFP organization, its license number… and headquarters at UB junction, Molyko Buea, South West Region, Cameroon, The official name is Strawacademy.