Strawacademy Business Incubator (S. A. B. I)


Creating and nurturing solution-oriented startup ventures into scalable and sustainable enterprises


  1. Youth (people between the ages of 12 and 40)
  2. Prisoners (people who are serving time in prison)
  3. Women and girls (above the age of 12)
  4. Physically disabled individuals
  5. IDP’S and refugees

Project Mission Types

Creating and nurturing Youth-led (PT7) / Women-led (PT8) / Prisoner-led (PT9) / Refugee-led (PT10) / Physically-disabled-led (PT11) solution-oriented startup for-profit ventures into scalable and sustainable enterprises.

nomenclature: P = Project, T = Target

For instance: PT7 = Creating and nurturing youth-led solution-oriented startup for-profit ventures into scalable and sustainable enterprises

Activity Types

Strawacademy business development process takes on four phases:

  • Ideation process: To establish feasibility of the startup through design thinking & business modelling bootcamps
  • Incubation process: To establish fundability of the venture through prototype development & market testing
  • Acceleration process: To establish scalability of the venture and get it ready for investment through the development of business administrative, operational, financial and digital management systems through multiple workshops.
  • Maturation process: To anticipate and establish total independence of the enterprise through business monitoring and evaluation at 4 levels: business administrations, operations, finance management and digital.


Project Outcomes

  • Increase in the number of newly established youth-led / prisoner-led / women-led / physically-disabled-led / IDP-led / refugee-led businesses.
  • Inclusive development and gender / social equality in the job creation process
  • Decreased dependency
  • Increased startup business survival rate

Potential Project Impact

  • Economic growth with the establishment of sustainable enterprises
  • Gender / Social Equality in the Entrepreneurial Space
  • Fostered peace building process by the inclusion of prisoners, IDPs and refugees in entrepreneurship / job creation.