Strawacademy Transformation Initiative (S.A.T.I)

This initiative has a solution to:

Inspire Africans for opportunity creation and the development of innovation based solutions for generational impact. This initiative makes use of inspirational summits, conferences, school clubs as well as unofficial gatherings to reach the community and inspire a paradigm shift towards solution oriented entrepreneurship for community development as well as individual and community prosperity.


PT4 (Project type 4).


Inspiring African Youths (PT1)/ African Women & Girls (PT2)/ African Prisoners (PT3)/ African Refugees (PT4) / African Students (PT5)/ African Physically-disabled (PT6) for opportunity creation and the development and the development of innovation-based solutions for general impact.


Weekly & Monthly inspirational Summits, Conferences, School Clubs and Informal Gatherings.


Increase in the number of African youths / prisoners / women and girls / students / physically disabled / IDPs and refugees, with an enlightened entrepreneurial mentality towards positive change in their community and nation.

Increase in the number of new youth-led / prisoner-led / women-led / physically-disabled-individual-led / IDP-led / refugee-led, startup businesses created.

Increase in the number of self-employed individuals.


Enhanced youth / women / physically-disabled, IDP / Refugee economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Sustainable peace building by enhancing reintegration of prisoners back in society.

Enhanced entrepreneurship culture & entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Inclusive engagement in the sustainable development process through innovation and solution-based entrepreneurship.