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Strawacademy celebrates its 100th Inspirational Summit (Led by Mac Alunge).

Strawacademy celebrates its 100th Inspirational Summit (Led by Mac Alunge).

Strawacademy100 Gordon & Pascal

Strawacademy 100 Gordon & Pascal

Strawacademy is a UN accredited community of mission driven entrepreneurs. It is a hybrid (a non-profit and profit organisation). Strawacademy’s vision is to build Africa through innovation and job creation, by the creation of emerging and sustainable profit/ non-profit ventures and ecosystems.
Strawacademy is led by Mac Alunge, a young Christian Cameroonian inspirational speaker, business coach, author, media figure, and an award winning spoken word artist. As a student, Mac engaged in many entrepreneurial ventures; many of which didn’t survive long enough. His failed business experiences didn’t hold him back from trying. Instead, it was a motivation for him to continue in finding his purpose with persistence.

Strawacademy was born after Mac realized he had an archive of close to 10,000 inspirational quotes. With these quotes, he managed to sign a contract with MTN through Yellowdot Cameroon. It later led to “Inspire Me” magazine, and the beginning of strawacademy summits. Worth noting is that strawacademy was officially registered in November 2016.

Within two years of hard work and persistence, strawacademy hits its 100th summit. Organised at Jongo Hub Checkpoint, Molyko-Buea, it saw the attendance of high passion driven people from all works of life. It is not hyperbolic to say it was a room filled with Cameroon’s finest young entrepreneurs. The strawacademy summits have always seen the attendance of this category of people.
The event kicked off at exactly 4p.m, as it was slated to begin with opening prayer. Of course strawacademy is built on a Christian foundation. It can only be God who carried strawacademy from its 1st summit to its 100th summit. When He is put at the forefront, success is the only result.

Strawacademy100 19

Strawacademy100 and Desmond Atemnkeng

The first speaker of the occasion was Madam Doris Ngum, Visionary Missionary for Royalty World. Her highly inspirational words centered on youths building the Cameroon they want to see through Christ. She hammered on the fact that Christ is embodied in each and everyone, and in everyone, He has instilled talents. It requires youths to use these talents to build the country they want. Stressing on putting God first, she explained that Cameroon will stand strong if everyone finds a purpose for his/her life, and bring these purposes together to raise strong walls for the country.
In confidence I can say attendants discovered the purpose of their lives. Some people spend their entire life time finding their purpose. But in a few minutes, she was able to get attendants to find their purposes.

Strawacademy100 Aunty Doris

Volunteering is a significant tool to success. The Noela Lyonga Foundation was well represented and educated  the audience on volunteering. A majority of entrepreneurs did volunteer at some stage in their careers. Mac Alunge himself is a volunteer at Jongo Hub. Who is a volunteer? It was astonishing how the attendants all gave their views on volunteerism. The highly interactive session witnessed some attendants sharing their experiences from volunteering at various institutions. Strawleaders like Frida Nganje – nutritionist, Kisife Gordon of Kisife Ltd, Fongoh Martin of Digital Rental, Yuven Presly, Katrina Live Mensah shared their volunteering experiences as a motivation to others to emulate. It made the summit more beautiful as everyone was entitled to an opinion and was given the opportunity to express the opinion.

Strawacademy100 Noela Lyonga Foundation

Strawacademy100 Noela Lyonga Foundation

Furthermore, how do you fight present challenges in your business? Innovation stands as the best possibility. One thing is certain: organisations that do not innovate lose their competitive edge and consequently get out of the market. In a keynote presentation my Mr. Mokate Ashu Arrey, Founder of Global Entrepreneurship Corps, he projected the strategies used by companies to innovate their products and services. Taking example from MTN and Orange, the most competitive networks in Cameroon, he explained with clarity how these companies have evolved from their start till present, embracing changes.
You will agree with me that innovation is necessary in business. Other than business, it stretches to other aspects of life.

Strawacademy100 & Ashu Arrey

Strawacademy100 & Ashu Arrey

Certain aspects about attitude is sometimes neglected but it is important. Mr. Taminang Search, Founder of Go Africa Initiative Cameroon (GAICAM) enlightened the audience on the need for some pertinent skills every entrepreneur/ public figure must possess. Also present was Mr Nji Philemon Njang of Immotivate who also inspired the audience in personal development and self-discovery and Inspirational Speaker & TV Presenter Mr Henry, CEO of Youth Empowerment Activist (YEA)

Strawacademy100 18

Strawacademy100 and Henry

Mac Alunge walked attendants down the journey of the creation of strawacademy. It was a very motivational moment to find out how rough the journey has been, but the passion stronger as he keeps pushing on. In general, the take home message to attendants was:
1. Find your purpose and work towards it. Every attendant understood how to find his/her purpose and how to work to the realization of that purpose with Christ.
2. Be a volunteer.
3. Start small while thinking big. Strawacademy started small and presently it has organized its 100th summits. It is an encouragement all to do what they do at whatever level. With God, growth is sure.
4. Never give up. It has not been smooth all the way. But it takes not giving up to achieve greatness in life. This has been an implemented principle that has sailed strawacademy through.

Strawacademy100 with philemon

Strawacademy100 with philemon njang

The presence of Cameroonian young entrepreneurs and the highly interactive session made the summit memorable. There was some time for networking; an opportunity to get to meet some mentors. With the experience at the summit, there is an assurance of even a larger population in the 101st summit.

The event featured video projections of the Organisations accomplishments over its 2 years of existence

Strawacademy’s 15 Major Accomplishments

(After 2 years of existence)

  1. AASWA (African Association of Spoken Word Artists)
  2. Project Green Video
  3. Strawacademy Inspirational Summits (and Cells)
  4. Gas237
  5. The Womb
  6. Strawmedia
  7. Inspire Me Ltd
  8. Project Strawagric
  9. LESA
  10. Strawmuzik
  11. NBA / NBC
  13. SABI
  14. The Strawacademy Anthem
  15. Strawacademy Awards

Covered by: Desmond Atemnkeng

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  1. added on 5 Sep, 2018

    It was ama learn and sha the Joy of the 100th ANNIVERSARYoF strawaccademy.
    Thanks to mac and your ama team. Keep up the great work 😃😃

    • strawacademy
      added on 29 Oct, 2018

      it was so great to have you sir

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