Our Strategy

We have a four phase strategy to every project. There are; conception strategy, operational strategy, implementation strategy, and MER strategy.

A. Conception Strategy

Prior to implementing any project, even a fully developed one, our first strategy is to develop strategies that are particular to the implementation of that project as well as its location of implementation. This involves strategic planning meetings, team preps, drawing up of detailed project / departmental operational calendar, grant charts, BUDGET BREAKDOWNS etc. The responsibilities of different departments pertaining to the projects are clearly defined with their timelines.
If need be, we make plans to fill any project gaps as; capacity building for our HR, partnerships for implementation, the purchase of new equipment etc.

B. Operational Strategy

Strawacademy has a pre-defined modus operandi document. Within, it has a project and activity operations protocol, SAc policy manual, administrative and finance protocol. We translate the project activities into tasks and integrate them into our operations, getting them ready for implementation.

C. Implementation Strategy

Based on our SAc project activity protocol, we implement projects in four phases.
- First we fill all project gaps required.
- Secondly we create the necessary partnership required for project implementation.
- We assess the report and impressions of local and international organizations operating on ground to better understand the community’s perspective, their culture, their normal as well as any inter-stake holder complexities involved especially in crisis zones.
- We carry out the activity, being sensitive and guided by the information required.
- Our core values, work ethics and operational policies as well as the standards of our partners and sponsors, are maintained through every activity.

D. MER Strategy

We monitor, evaluate and report on our project activities based on our SAc MER protocol as well as any suggested formats from our sponsors and partners. Check our MER strategy on our website: strawacademymerprotocol.