Strawacademy Summits

Strawacademy Summits are one of the most pivotal activities of the Organization as they are the primary medium for community engagement, inspiration, mind-transformation and the birthplace of the other projects and activities. In 5 years of existence, Strawacademy has organized more than 200 Summits (organized weekly or bi-weekly), impacting an estimated 10,000 young on-ground.


Summits were usually carried out carried out in informal community settings, where they reached the young people on the ground to transform their thinking and engage them in entrepreneurship and sustainable development.


These meetings focus on one-on-one coaching and mentorship, inspiration, shared experiences and fellowship; however, they are also characterized by storytelling, prayer, inspiration, mentorship, singing, laughter, event planning or project planning.


Transforming the mind of a person does not take one day. It is a continuous unending process we contribute to, through consistent inspirational teachings, to build the opportunity-creator entrepreneurial mindset as well as foster corporate culture.


This process ensures that we build business leaders and entrepreneurs with sustained zest and maturity who can launch and sustain a venture through the trial stages to its maturity. There is a sense of destiny and purpose we seek to instill in young people as well.


These meetings are also characterized by business presentations, mastermind groups, lecture presentations and talks from visiting entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers.