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The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge – Musical Performances

The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge – Musical Performances

The Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist, Mac Alunge organises ‘The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge’, which is an Inspirational Spoken Word & Entertainment night geared towards enhancing Sustainable Development and economic growth by inspiring business creation and social enterprise venturing through Inspirational/ Entrepreneurial Spoken Word and Visual Art entertainment fostering Sustainable Development Goals 1,2,4, and 5, for West and Central Africa.

The Spoken Word Event held at Jongo Hub, Molyko-Buea on Sunday, 29th April 2018 was one of its kind in Africa. Though it saw the attendance of just 200 people on the ground, ‘The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge’ reached a media coverage of close to 10 million people across West and Central Africa, thanks to partnerships with over 40 local and international organizations. In attendance were young Entrepreneurs, Civil rights leaders, Social activists, Leaders of organizations, Political leaders, Preachers and Students. Attendants at the event were all dressed in African designed clothes.

The event united varied forms of art, including; Spoken Word Art, African fashion, dance, traditional wine tasting, drawing, painting/ handicraft art, video premiering and inspirational musical performances.

Apart from the highly insightful, poetic and provocative Live Performances by Spoken Word Artist Mac Alunge, an amazing pool of collective talent graced the stage with music; great vocals, great stage performances.

The first performance by Bukonge Terence was uplifting. Terence is a singer from Light of life world outreach mission. His song “freedom” was splendidly delivered coupled with its meaningful lyrics. In his message, he highlighted that freedom is Jesus, and only the truth about Christ could set humanity free. Christ had made him responsible and had uplifted him. This of course was worth sharing.

Moreover, the four talented soloists took on the stage. They are the Preachers 4, a musical group from the Baptist Church in Molyko-Buea. The Preachers 4 are made up of four men who evangelise through music. They performed the song entitled “God is great”. These wonderful soloists got the audience entertained with the aid of the flute and the trumpet. The reaction from the audience said it all: the Preachers 4 are enormously talented and appropriately deliver their message.

The performance of “God is great” had the audience wanting for more. As a request from the audience, the Preachers 4 mounted the stage for another thrilling performance of “don’t worry, be happy”. Indeed, the excitement indicated the audience had handed over their worries to the Almighty God, and were happy. This song being a hit of time, made everyone dancing and celebrating the freedom of letting God control their worries.

Moreover, Brian Aboringong with his vocal strength performed “You are God” and “the witness”. The audience was elated by his terrific vocal power. The hall turned into a worship environment as everyone was in the mood of worship. “Yes you can, yes you will take away the sorrow” were the lyrics of that beautiful piece. People who know him and what he has gone through will testify the goodness of the Lord in his life. For that reason, he worships the Lord.

Music they say is food for the soul; even more when it is beautifully rendered. The message every song carries plays an important role in evangelizing. This was all perfectly observed by the performers. They are incredible people who write and sing from their hearts.
No one attended this event left the same. No. Not after receiving God’s words in passionate musical deliverances.

Mac Alunge at The Spoken Word Event with Mac Alunge (Red Carpet)

Written by: Desmond ATEMNKENG

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  1. added on 28 Sep, 2018

    It must have been a great event.nice write up atemnkeng

  2. Nkem Cels
    added on 28 Sep, 2018

    Dezzy, this is honestly a good piece of work. I really wish I was present.

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