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The Story Behind ‘Destiny’

The Story Behind ‘Destiny’

Mac was first inspired by Jon Jorgenson, the American Christian Spoken Word Artist, and fell in love particularly with his Spoken Word piece entitled ‘The Wall’. He watched, memorized and performed this piece in several local Christian settings before writing his own pieces.

The Slam ‘Destiny’ was the very first Spoken Word Piece ever written and performed by Mac Alunge in July of 2015. It was inspired by Dr Myles Monroe’s Teaching, ‘The Power and Principle of Destiny’ and the Hit Single ‘Destiny’, a song by Tina Campbell (from the Multiple Stellar and Grammy-Award Winning American Gospel Duo – Mary Mary). The Slam was an effort Mac was making to discover his purpose here on earth and inspire other people to do the same

‘Destiny’ addresses probably the most fundamental aspects of human existence. The Spoken Word piece goes a long way to answer the BIG QUESTIONS every person would ask in this life…

‘Why am I here on earth?
Why was I born?
Why was I born when I was born?
Do I exist for a divine purpose?
Was I designed by a Supreme Entity?’

The 6-minute slam delivers the answers to the big questions flawlessly and efficiently with lots of passion, energy and zest. There is the use of entertaining poetic devices including coherent non-stop rhyme scheme.

The Official Video was shot in Buea, Cameroon in March of 2016 by Zoe Communications…

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